Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Fire Of Anatolia Is On Its Way To Malaysia

The Fire of Anatolia invited by the Department of Defense Will Perform in Malaysia

The Fire of Anatolia has achieved to reach over 7 million viewers through more than 920 shows performed in 36 different countries. The company that had been applauded by the audiences on their feet because of its performances in countries it performed has continued in Romania and Bahrein its world tour, 2006 which was started by the performance in Sarajevo. Malaysia is the fourth location of this tour.

Within the framework of the Defense Industry Fair – DSA 2006 that is to be held in Malaysia on April 24-28, leading Turkish Defense Industry companies will exhibit their products under the supervision of SSM at the Booth of Turkish National Defense Industry.

The Fire of Anatolia parivately invited by the Department of Defense will perform in Malaysia at this organization which Mr. Beşir Atalay -the State Secretary-, Mr. Vecdi Gönül -the Secretary of Defense-, Mr. Barlas Özener – Turkish Ambassador in Malaysia, the Undersecretaries of the Department of Defense, and executive officers of the Turkish Defense Industry Companies will attend as well.

The King of Malaysia, as the Special Guest, will also join the performance to be held by the Fire of Anatolia at the KLC - Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on April 26 and the reception to be held by the Undersecretariat of the Department of Defense before the performance.

It is being expected that the performances to be held by the Fire of Anatolia in Malaysia on the dates of April 26, 27, and 28 would be highly appreciated by the people living in regions around Malaysia. Special tours are organized in adjacent regions and countries, particularly Singapore, for these performances.

Mr. Mustafa Erdoğan who will make a press meeting on the date of April 25 will also join the leading TV shows in Malaysia, as the guest star.

tonite..i'm gonna watch this show..tak sabarnya.tenkiu my lovely fren utk 2 tiket ni.

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