Friday, March 23, 2012

Rania demam

sehari seblm balik kg, ptg jumaat tuh..tiba2 rasa badan rania panas..risau btol..sbb mlm sblm tu..dia tkleh tdo sbb sume gara2 berjangkit ngan abg rayyan yang batuk tak benti2..aduhai..sabo je la...
so tros tingat ade baca kat blog dr halina psl baby demam


So what to do when you have a febrile child in front of you?
Remove all clothing that can make her warm.. I only left Bella in her diapers.. This is to allow heat to escape from her body. Keep the room cold (air-cond on!)
Then I took a few ice cubes.. and added with some water.. and cover her with cloth soaked with cold water. That is actually not advisable to do anymore as immediate drop in temperature can also cause fit in children. So I only put the cold cloth on certain areas like the forehead, underarms, neck and groins. And constantly check her body temperature..
Do not leave the cloth at one site for too long as it actually trap the heat inside her body.. What you should do is just lap, lap, and lap.. After half and hour onlap-ping.. I took again her temperature and it has dropped to 38.2′C.. and mommy feels better 
After that, I feed her with more milk because fever cause increase in metabolic rate,  and of course she will be hungry. As long as she is drinking milk or water, I should be happy..

 so..aku pun bukak baju rania..tinggal diapers je..n tros lap2 badan dia...badan dia tkla panas agak panas dr biasa..risau la...sbb baru 46 hari..dh merasa demam..kesian anak mama..walaupun dia tak merengek2 ke rania tanak tdo...lps lap2 badan dia ngan air..lebih kurang sejam dua lps tuh..badan dia dh tak panas sgt cam sblm tuh..pas bagi susu..baru la dia tdo ngan nyenyak

lps bangun tdo pun..badan ok..tak panas..alhamdulillah..pastu baru pakaikan baju yg nipis..kot2 demam dtg balik kan
esoknya gerak blk kl ...seharian lam kete pun..ok..takde demam ape dah pastu..syukur sgt..

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